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New Release!

Hint of cinnamon in the aroma with boysenberry fruit on the taste. Wonderful mouthfeel and texture, with a truly graceful finish. Nice as a sipper or to enjoy with a special dish.

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SKU: 2020SyrahZin
Double Gold Medal!
Aromas of rich spice and hints of anise. Velvety texture mixes with rich blackberry and black currant fruit. The finish is beautifully sustained and complex. A noteworthy Cabernet with exceptional balance and depth.
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SKU: 2018Cab

Gold Medal!

The velvety texture coats your palate with black currant and plum fruit. Appreciable spice pops up towards the finish. A seamless integration of two of our favorite varietals. 

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SKU: 2019SyrahZin

New Release! Gold Medal! 

Aroma of dusty black cherry and flavors of blackcurrant and anise. Smooth entry evolves gently towards a focused middle and slightly spicy finish. A solid, well framed Cabernet Sauvignon that will pair exceptionally well with hearty fare.


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SKU: 2019Cab

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