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Little Vineyards Family Winery

Band Blend

Band Blend began on a typical afternoon at Little Vineyards. Rich’s band arrived for their weekly practice and before practice started, the band would gravitate to the barrel room to sneak a sip of some of the wines that were resting in barrel. When Ted, the winemaker, realized this, he made a special barrel blend, just for the band (and to keep them out of the other wines!) and with a piece of chalk, Ted wrote BAND BLEND on that barrel. From that day on, the band would fill up their jugs before practice and play music inspired by the delicious blend. Eventually, the word got out that there was a special “behind-the-stage” blend and we are happy to share this blend with you.

Over the years, we have added to the Band Blend line-up to include a white and rose release.

Inviting aromas of cedar and black pepper. Fresh boysenberry and raspberry fruit with an underlying hint of watermelon. Has a smooth and juicy entry, a pleasing middle, and concludes with an even and balanced finish. An approachable red which can strike a pleasing chord for the avid sipper.

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Lucky 13! Rasberry and pomegranate fruit characteristics frame the flavor profile. A firm yet gentle middle leads to a lingering finish. This wine is always a crowd pleaser and the bands favorite! 

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